The extraordinary life, teachings and legacy of Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind is now avaialble! Over the past decade, a documentary film team has been shooting across India and the United States, tracing his roots and upbringing, his journey to America in 1913, and his courageous battle that changed immigration policy in the United States forever.

This dramatic documentary reveals Dr. Thind’s story and his message like never before, portraying an extraordinary man and teacher, who practiced his own lessons every day of his life, led by example, and touched the lives of over 5 million Americans.

But we need your help with required expenses for this important and historic film. We are working to raise $100,000 to finish filming, editing, post-production and distribution of DOCTORJI.

Please check out the different levels of support and consider making a tax-deductible donation to the DOCTORJI film project. We will contact you by email to make arrangements for your gift.

Your support is appreciated!

David Thind

$10,000 Executive Producer/ Title Sponsor
(Individual/ Institution)

Same benefits as Associate Producers/Sponsors, plus a 30-CD set of the Golden Series lectures by Dr. Thind, and credits in the film as Executive Producer or Title Sponsor.

  $5,000   Associate Producer/ Sponsor
(Individual/ Institution)

Same benefits as Benefactors, plus a box set of all Dr. Thind’s books (20 books total) and your name credited as an Associate Producer or Sponsor.

$1,000    Benefactor

Same benefits as Patrons, plus two tickets to the premiere screening of the film and your name in the credits as a Benefactor.

  $500  Patron

Same benefits as Supporters, plus your name in credits of the film as a Patron.

$100 Supporter

Supporters will receive the film on DVD, plus a copy of DOCTORJI: the biographical book about Dr. Thind.

  $50  Partner

Partners will receive a copy of the DOCTORJI documentary film on DVD.

$10  Friends

Friends will receive a copy of the DOCTORJI documentary film on DVD.

  Other Donation Amounts

Please use this button for donations for other amounts. We will contact you regarding your gift.








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