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DVD: ISBN 978-0-9859016-2-2

DVD: ISBN 978-1-932630-60-2

Booklet: ISBN: 978-1-932630-48-0

Doctor Ji: A Life Realized, Promotional Trailer

Promotional trailer of the full 30-minute documentary on the life, teachings, and legacy of Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind.

Please call for presentations of the 30-minute documentary for large groups. For film showing please contact one of the following coordinators:

David Bhagat Thind at (310) 709-5202
Justin Bhagat Thind at (310) 658-8837

Trailer DVD $10.00

DVD of Science of Breathing and Glands

Booklet and DVD First Edition Special!  While Supplies Last!

Click here to see the NEW SCIENCE OF BREATHING AND GLANDS Booklet and DVD, New Second Edition!

"All Life on Earth is Breath. All Else on Earth is Death. Breath is the Flywheel of Life: Its Dynaspheric Finer Forces, Sanely Used, Add Years to Life and Life to Years." -- Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

There are 16 breathing exercises and 3 Asana Yoga Exercises included this major collection, illustrating Dr. Thind's most valued work on Breathing and Gland practices.

These exercises are now and have been practiced daily by thousands of his students to strengthen the Natural Forces of the Spirit and Body. Dr.Thind firmly states, "Let no fool talk you out of these exercises. Prove all things and hold fast to what you have proven as good and useful. Radiant health will be yours through fulfillment of The Divine Laws of Health; without radiant health it is impossible for a person to meditate, and Commune with God."

For maximum benefits we recommend you purchase both DVD and Booklet.

Both Booklet and DVD: $15.00

You can also mail check to:

Dr. Bhagat Singh Spiritual
Science Foundation
1421 Greenfield Avenue, Suite 2
Los Angeles, California 90025

(310) 709-5202

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