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The Golden Series and Silver Series

A Series of Over 60 Profound Lectures given during the 1960's By Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind
The Golden and Silver Series is a series of lectures given by Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind during the last decade of his life. He explained all facets of his religious teachings such as: techniques of meditation, breathing exercises and maintaining health. He also explained the End and Aim of life. His disciples experienced powerful states of bliss because of their Sat-Guru's teachings. These great lectures are clear and concise, given in Dr. Thind's own voice and profound style.


Includes All Gold Series
Includes All Silver Series
Includes Both Gold & Silver Series
Compact Discs Set
Compact Discs Set
Compact Discs Set
Golden Series:   Page 1    Silver Series:  Page 1 

Volume 1: Harmony with the Self: the Driving Force in Our Lives
(June 1965) $10.00

Volume 2: Be Sincere, Not Ostentatious
(Thanksgiving, Detroit 1964) $10.00

Volume 3: Winners and Whiners in This Whirling World $10.00

Volume 4: Improving the self $10.00

Volume 5: Moral Freedom to Do the Right Thing $10.00

Volume 6: Do your Best and you Shall Be Blessed
(December 9, 1964) $10.00

Volume 7: Overcome the World - Live Above It (Oklahoma City) $10.00

Volume 8: The Real Radiant Road to Reality: Standing in the way of
the Sun (August 11, 1959) $10.00

Volume 9: Tributes and testimonials from Dr. Thind's Disciples $10.00

Volume 10: Power of the Spirit Current: Mind of Man / Mind in Man $10.00

  Volume 1: We Ought to Escape Tyranny, Vulgarization
and Standardization $8.00

Volume 2: Divine Power is Already Inside of You $8.00

Volume 3: How to Overcome Suffering and Sorrow $8.00

Volume 4: Meditation and Visualization Guidance $8.00

Volume 5: The Soul Current $8.00

Volume 6: Do Not Concern Yourself With What Others
Think of You $8.00

Volume 7: Human Nature $8.00

Volume 8: The Difference Between Opinions
and Facts $8.00

Volume 9: What and Where is God? $8.00

Volume 10: Karma is the Law of Human Freedom $8.00

Golden Series:   Page 2   Silver Series:  Page 2  

Volume 11: The Evolution of the Soul and Laws of the Universe Apply
to All $10.00

Volume 12: Liberation from the Mortal Body (November 9, 1966) $10.00

Volume 13: Techniques of Meditation $10.00

Volume 14: Vitality is the Divine Energy of the Spirit Current
(November 9, 1966) $10.00

Volume 15: On Freedom and Free Will $10.00

Volume 16: Troubles are Often Blessings in Disguise $10.00

Volume 17: If Your Mind is not Free, You Are not Free $10.00

Volume 18: The Science of Breathing and Glands $10.00

Volume 19: Radiant Health: Breathing Exercises $10.00

Volume 20: Work With the Laws of the Universe and Your Life Will
Be Good $10.00

  Volume 11: The Soul is Immortal $8.00

Volume 12: Higher Self versus Lower Self $8.00

Volume 13: How to Have a Conscious Mind $8.00

Volume 14: Love Actively Expressed $8.00

Volume 15: How to Deal With Conflict $8.00

Volume 16: The Dynamics of Intimate Relationships $8.00

Volume 17: Talents of the Heart and Mind $8.00

Volume 18: Man's Quest for God $8.00

Volume 19: Happiness Does not Come Externally $8.00

Volume 20: The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You $8.00
Golden Series:   Page 3   Silver Series:  Page 3  
Volume 21: Seeing and Experiencing God $10.00

Volume 22: The Science of the Saviours $10.00

Volume 23: In the Midst of Multiformity, One Must Seek Unity $10.00

Volume 24: God-Centered Versus Ego-Centered $10.00

Volume 25: Guidance Comes from Within You: We Have an
Internal Compass (God) $10.00

Volume 26: On Meditation $10.00

Volume 27: How to Strengthen Your Soul $10.00

Volume 28: God-Consciousness: Physically Manifested $10.00

Volume 29: On Consciousness and Divine Awareness $10.00

  Volume 21: Radiant Health
(Breathing and Glands Exercises) $8.00

Volume 22: Destiny, Divinity and Dignity $8.00

Volume 23: To Thine Own Self Be True: You Cannot
Come to God Unless You Come to Yourself $8.00

Volume 24: The Importance of Being Receptive
to God $8.00

Volume 25: God is The Only One Who Can Grant
You Peace $8.00

Volume 26:If You Want to Grow, Put Truth and
Righteousness First $8.00

Volume 27: How to have a Strong Life Force
(Prana) $8.00

Volume 28: The relationship Between the Soul
and Ego $8.00

Volume 29: The Importance of Soul Growth $8.00

Volume 30: How to Be at Peace with Yourself $8.00

Volume 31: On the Human Experience $8.00

Volume 32: Our Inner Being is the Agency of Nam $8.00


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