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(1st Edition) CLOTH - 216 pages

Troubled Mind in a Torturing World is a collection of seventeen essays looking at the things that separate man from God in the torturing modern world. It is being published posthumously after Dr. ThindŐs departure from this world on September 15, 1967, to his Heavenly Abode. He had intended to dedicate this book to his father and teacher, Boota Singh Thind. Dr. Thind was deeply influenced by his fatherŐs benevolence toward his fellow human beings and his deepest love of the Almighty God. Dr. Thind was inspired by his fatherŐs spiritual accomplishments, which left an indelible impression on the authorŐs mind. He followed his fatherŐs legacy throughout his entire life, and built on it. In his lectures to vast audiences in cities throughout the United States, Dr. Thind often said, ŇThe destiny of God is the most profitable discoveryŃand it certainly is.Ó

Now read about this discovery for yourself. Chapters include: When Vision Fails at the Top; Declaration of My Independence and Interdependence; The rise of Machine and the Fall of Man; Mind Cures Come and Mind Cures Go; J‹pa-J‹p, or Mental Meditation.


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