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Here and Now Sat-Mat Guru K Mrag

"The best, the truest help one can render a man afflicted with anxiety, bent with the burdens of life, disturbed by doubts, ground by grief, licked by luck, smitten and saddened by sickness and sorrow, is to call out his best energies and efforts, so that he himself by himself may raise himself and his sagging spirit, and manage not only to hear the burdens, and cope with conditions, but to come out triumphant in the highest spiritual sense of the word."

This quotation from the Exhortation is an expression of what Dr. Thind hoped to accomplish with Science of Union with God. Chapters include: Union with God; The Unknown Is in the Known; Ego vs. Individuality; Unification and Reunion; Sikh Religion Made Plain; The Song of the Soul Victorious.

Sant-Mat breathes thy spirit, O sublime and sacred Land of India, whence It emanated. It is the richest and greatest heritage of the Sikhs of India, granted them by the founder of their path, Sat-Guru Nanak. Humanity's eternal gratitude will enshrine Thy memory, O Sant-Sat-Guru of Mankind."

Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

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