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The aim of education is the development of a unified personality, in which all units of man's being work together harmoniously. But how is this to be brought about? And where is this whole-making force? What opportunity exists for personal progress without knowledge of the units of man's total being? And how can man know himself, if he remains ignorant of the forces that make him what he is?

We are weak and fearful as long as we rely upon ourselves alone. Let us enter the Whole-Being, of whom we are but a small segment, and we shall be filled with the fullness of his life. The deification of our nature is a thing to strive for: the strengthening and refreshing of our souls come from the Living Word, the Holy Nčm or Surt-Shabad-the Life stream of the Lord, the only unifying power in the cosmos.

No scientific laws ever discovered or discoverable can compare in importance and necessity with the discovery of this Living Word of Power, which unifies man's whole being and makes him one in nature and character with his indwelling God. It comes not upward from below, but downward from above, to lift the soul up.

The Pearl of Greatest Price is for all who seek to go ever onward, forward, and Godward. In God's constant comradeship, even hell itself becomes Paradise; and without Him, Paradise is hell.

Only the most fortunate and elect of souls study such unparalleled books and become worthy to be connected with God's Life Stream within them.

“Make mind single, heart single, purpose single. In the singleness of the Whole Being of man is the Secret of Integration. Without it there is no penetration into the secret and sacred depths of the Being.” —Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

“Life is not meant to be just what we would like it to be every day. [We must] accept what comes, graciously, knowing that God has purpose in all that is given us, to go and grow through. Every experience comes as a blessing for our growth.” —Mataji, Vivian Thind, the authors wife and disciple

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