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House of Happiness
(2nd Edition) CLOTH - 308 PAGES

Religion, in order to be religion at all, must be universal and scientific. There is but One Religion, based on Eternal Wisdom.

It is the science of knowing God, and the art of becoming one with him. It gives a person the correct concept concerning himself. It is a lift and never a load; a gift not a goad.

Based on lectures given in 1927, House of Happiness is an introduction to Dr. Thind's teachings. It is easily understood by and popular with young people, as well as more advanced students of Eastern religions.

Chapters include: How to Find Out What You Are Best Suited For; Evolution-Passing from Lower to Higher Births; Consciousness-An Inward Knowledge; Aum-The Sacred Hum of the Universe.

The author sends this book out into the wide, wide world with his blessing and benedictions to meet eager souls hungering for Truth. May all who study this book discover by their own efforts their original unity, freedom, and immortality in God, the Absolute.

Psychologist, Metaphysician, and Divine of Amritsar, India

“There are many religions, but only one Morality, one Truth, and one God. The only Heaven is one of conscious life and fellowship with God.” —Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

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