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This book is the second of three volumes in the series Jesus, the Christ, in the Light of Spiritual Science.

It has been often iterated and reiterated—but never sufficiently—that the Kingdom of God is within and everyone, regardless of caste, color, or creed, can enjoy the full, real, radiant, resonant, power-filled presence of the Lord of his life, and be identical with the Lord, co-operant and participant with Him.

This is the eternal emphasis of Sat-Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh Religion, no less than it is that of Jesus Christ. Salvation is not annihilation of individuality, nor a union of Man and God in which man is no more and is the loser; it is the most living, loving, and creative fellowship of Man and God, in which man becomes evermore Godlike. Eternal life is a present possession, and not a post-mortem realization.

If chemicals can restore the yield of worn-out soil, can we hope to renew the tissues and energies of our worn-out minds and inner beings through the life-restoring forces of the Word of God—the Holy Nčm, the perpetual reservoir of verities and vitalities? Are there key-chemicals of life and body, the lack of which makes men weak and woebegone, and the abundance of which makes them worthy, wise, wonderful, and Godlike?

What Dr. Thind writes in these pages is not only true for him, but is testable by all.

“Sat-Guru Nanak constantly emphasized [that] the Kingdom of God is within, and everyone—regardless of cast, color, or creed—can enjoy the full radiant, resonant, powerful presence of the Lord of his Life, and can be identical with the Lord and cooperant and participant with him.”

—Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind  

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