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This is the next to last in a series of four volumes written for those who have freed themselves of orthodox religious thinking and those who are ready to free themselves. Completed shortly before Dr. Thind's death, September 15, 1967, Volume III of this series is now published at the request and with the financial help of his many disciples.

The four volumes of Jesus the Christ in the Light of Spiritual Science will serve all who are fortunate enough to understand and appreciate their content. They serve as a springboard to greater spiritual heights, wherein one appreciates more than ever the message of the Sat-Gurus, Saviours, Avatars, and Christ, of whom Jesus the Christ was one.

From the text…

"Many things that Jesus taught were never reported nor written and many things written and reported were neither uttered by him nor entertained…"

"To rightly know Him, we must have a mind freed from our projections upon Him of our own private ideas…"

"There are many religions, but only one Morality, one Truth, and one God. The only Heaven is one of conscious life and fellowship with God…"

"Spiritual Science needs no altar, no priesthood, no spiritual brokers, who make deals for humanity on the floor of the Celestial Exchange…"

"Church thinking is done under prescription, while investigating spirit is the essence of Sant-Mat, the Spiritual Science."

"This book deals with the Science of human nature and its transfiguration and transformation."

“Dissolution of the world takes place in meditation, when the Self of man has been fully separated from the Not-Self—the World—through the Power of the Nčm and the Grace of Guru and God!”

—Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

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