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(1st Edition) Cloth - 144 Pages

Tested Universal Science of Individual Meditation implies a greater whole being, whole knowledge and whole-power is needed to weld all into a greater unity of whole life. Each individual must have a high and strenuous mental and moral ideal controlling and uplifting the vital and the physical man in us and no spiritual ideal liberating him from himself into his inner being.

In order to know the part, one must have the knowledge of the whole it forms a part of. The soul is larger than the ego, and larger than the unconscious, the subconscious, and the super conscious. There is the back lying power of God, which coordinates and correlates all into unity and synthesis; its name is Nm. This self-awareness of Nm is only received by the Grace and power of His Holy Nm, whose knowledge is vouch-safed by the gracious Guru. The eight lessons presented in this book by the author Pooran Avatar Sat-Guru Bhagat Singh Thind to the truth seekers of the world give guidance, truth, and wisdom to all who are ready for self and God realization. Dr. Thind's words stimulate and render active those powers which are normally latent, and which the seeker unassisted cannot evoke.

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