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Jesus, The Christ in the Light of Spiritual Science
-Volume I, II, III and IV

These four volumes were written for all who have freed themselves of orthodox religious thinking and for those who are ready to do so. The books serve as a springboard to greater spiritual heights, wherein we appreciate more than ever the message of Sat Gurus, the Saviours, the Avatars, the Christs, of whom Jesus Christ was one. Dr. Thind analyzes the teachings of this Saviour of the western world and compares them with the teachings of all the great religions. Partial Table of Contents: Vol. I: When and Where Did Christianity Lose Its Way; Truth - the Only Cathartic for All the Ills of the Soul; God, Man, and the Universe - Their Relations; Salvation - Genuine and Spurious. Vol. II: Physical Science Is Insufficient To Explain Life; Antidote to the Five Thieves of Passions; Freedom of Choice; Wheel of Woe and the Word. Vol. III: Bitter Pills of Truth; Reincarnation Fits the Soul for Immortality; Every Action is Followed by a Reaction; "Revelation" is Not Realization.

Price: $50.00 for all four volumes

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