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Divine Wisdom -Volume I
Man is Deity in Expression
(2nd Edition) Cloth - 144 Pages

In this first volume of the Divine Wisdom trilogy, the author hopes to impart to the reader a true knowledge of life as it appears in physical manifestation. He has endeavored to the best of human possibilities to set forth the true philosophy of life, in which selfishness is set aside, creeds and dogmas are relegated to the past, and the sunlight of truth is permitted to shine in all its splendor.

There can be no variance with truth. It is the same now and forever. Where there is an apparent variance, it is due to a perversion by the instrument through which the observer sees the world, and the medium through which life is manifesting is at a variance with the object seen.

More mature minds can see more clearly than those whose medium is composed of the lower strata of matter; this is due to a relative change in the structure of the spiritual and physical visionary apparatus. Thus one will comprehend the complexities of nature and see objectively where others can see naught.

The grandeur of life, which is relative, is destroyed by the attitude of the ego—yourself—toward the objective world, which in itself is not changed. The change is within man, and is caused by assuming various moods, or by viewing the different phases of the objective world by the Divine spark which animates our being.

To get the most out of this book, the reader must bear in mind that he must be One with the Infinite in order to comprehend even a small portion of the all. In Divine Wisdom, Dr. Thind has very explicitly blazed a path to complete comprehension of man’s higher nature. If faithfully followed, this path will lead the seeker to higher knowledge.

“You must never be limited by external authority, whether it be vested in a church, man, or book. It is your right to question, challenge and investigate. There is nothing more sacred than truth, and truth is known by investigation and direct experience and not by dogmatizing on the unknown.”

—Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

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