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Divine Wisdom -Volume 2
(1st Edition) Cloth - 144 Pages

Available November 1, 2007

This final volume of the Divine Wisdom trilogy is a collection of seven lectures delivered in 1927 at the Pythian Temple, New York City, by Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind.

In them is the essence of the spiritual teachings of the Sikh Gurus, those wonderful world teachers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Their teachings are the most comprehensive and concise in the world. They do not deny the world, but simply show how man should live above—and be not of—it.

The very existence of the Sikh community, rising out of nothing into the most prominent community in the world, is sufficient proof of the practicability of the Sikh Gurus’ teachings; these are idealistic, and yet most practical and pragmatic.

These lectures have been transcribed verbatim, and are presented here unedited, in their original and very intimate form. We hope that all who peruse them will be benefited.

The human mind is where everyone has to live and his only opportunity for peace, happiness and wholeness. Only the united mind can see things whole.”

—Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

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