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Wisdom and the Wheel - A Bible of Humanity for Supreme Wisdom - Volume II

“Wisdom and the Wheel”

Divine Wisdom satisfies man’s insatiable hunger for Eternity and his spirit of unquenchable aspiration. It gave courage to thousands who suffered on the cross, perished at the stake, and wasted in the cloister and the cell. Wisdom gives life to marble, substance to color, and structure to fugitive sound. It gives peace to the weary, strength to the weak, and hope to the hopeless.

Through Wisdom man realizes that he is the epitome of evolution, the acme of concentration, the heir of immortality, the owner of the Seven Spheres, the summary of Creation and himself a Creator. Who but the ignorant would set limits to his evolution in love, light, and life? Is not man the Abode of the Infinite (Devala) and himself the Infinite?

Wisdom conditions our love, our light, our lives, and our happiness. First be wide and possess her, the fairest of the fair—Wisdom. Get wedded to Her.

Every object, which is not a product of nature but the result of man's creative intelligence, requires a maker. The Creator and Ruler of the world is omnipotent; He rewards the virtuous and punishes the vicious. In His government there is no favoritism.

But He has infinite mercy for those who repent and purify. Not a straw shakes without His knowledge or will. He knows whatever we do, even in the greatest secrecy. He is omnipresent and omniscient. There is nothing beyond Him. He is the cause of everything, but has no cause for His own being. He is supreme, Infinite, and perfect.


“If a temporal house you’re going to make On this earth; would you take Every material that came along, If you would build both good and strong?

Oh, no! You would discriminate, And surely try to ameliorate To do the very best you could, And leave the bad, select the good.

Your temple you’re building every day, Be careful what you eat and say, And what you think for in this lay The very freedom you’re seeking today.”

—Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

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