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WINNERS AND WHINERS in This Whirling World

(1st Edition) - 436 Pages

"Only the Word of God can be relied upon. In the Word alone is the synthesis of the tension between opposites for further achievement of inner gains. Spokes of the wheel of life point in opposite directions, but they have one center. Through the Nam, enter into the recesses of the soul and see what your true possessions are." - Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

Winners and Whiners in This Whirling World is a collection of thirty-five spiritual discourses that explains to the reader seeking truth that the end or fulfillment of life is self-realization through self-knowledge.

Dr. Thind teaches us how to transcend pain and pleasure and taste the source. He explains that one must renew one's self, go back to his original source, put a halt to the eternal flux, and enter divine presence, there to be renewed by God's regenerative and sustaining powers and come back to the Natural World at will. This is the true meaning of meditation.

The first requisite is listening to the Shabad, the Word. Second is seeing the God-form of the guru shining gloriously. Then occurs the joining of the two: God Himself becomes one with the form of God in the guru. He becomes Immanuel. His Immanuel becomes a living reality to human consciousness.

Now read these spiritual gems by Dr. Thind and unity your mind with the mind of God.


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