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Meditation Lessons I, II & III
(1st Edition) Stapled - 16 Pages

"As light is the dispeller of darkness, so the discrimination aspect, or power of mind, is the dispeller of ignorance and attainer of wisdom." - Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

A philosophy of remorse and resignation, as ascetic code of ethics, the Denial and Despair of all that man’s heart has ever wanted, a defeatist attitude of otherworldliness world - weariness, constitute an insult to the infinite intelligence of the universe, a veritable sin against ourselves and the beautiful world in which we live, and which has a claim on us. We believe in the Infinite Power, and so we also believe in His Worlds. We are not placed here to deny Him and His World but to know Him, know ourselves and our world, and fulfill His truths in all of them; to probe the secrets of earth and analyze the meaning and mysteries of Heaven; and to know the truth about ourselves-the truth that sets men free and establishes them in their own nature.

All knowledge is knowledge of the Infinite Being. Science and philosophy both try to realize the truth of the oneness of things in the Eternal Spirit.

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