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How to Be Spiritual, Shock-Proof in a Disturbing World.
(1st Edition) Stapled - 20 Pages

"We need the Word of God to break up the sluggishness, the weariness, and the inertia of the moments, in our life that are our very own.

We need it to kill boredom, to dispel lethargy, to overcome the sense of futility, to give us actual quick-quivers, life-pulsation, life thrust of the self, as it wrestles with the world the not-self. The sickening pressure of the everlasting duality in things, this good and this evil, this happiness, and this unhappiness, melts away as we meditate and are transported into their source The Nãm and taste its essence and know it is good.

The mystic's mistake is that they make their feelings the basis of their experience; they are not transported above them. We would be in a sorry plight were we dependent upon the wayward unaccountable chances of mystical illumination and not on the Rock of the Nãm. "

- Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

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