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Tested - Food Formulas and Recipes
(1st Edition)
Stapled - 16 Pages

"What helps the natural activities of a given organism is proper food for it, and what hinders is improper. - Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

Our diet is mainly a revealer, an indicator, of our innate nature, our constitution, habits of life and thought.

Character is not determined by diet, but diet is determined by character. When man is reformed, refined and resurrected by the light of truth; when high ideals have held him; taken possession of his mind; when his soul loves purity to such an extent that impurity and uncleanness in food have become obnoxious and offensive to him; then a real reform is instituted within him, which will endure and grow to the end of time. No arbitrary methods, no force from without ever brings “change of heart” from within. It must be born there or it will be unreal. I do not care what you eat so long as you, the partaker of the food, are the same. All food will be converted into yourself. If you are impure, you will extract impurity from the finest food.

Out of the same flower the bee extracts honey, and the spider poison. If you are sensual, all food will nourish your sensuality. If you are pure enough you may eat pork and not become swinish but you will have to eat such things with your eyes closed and conscience asleep.

Learn what Dr. Thind teaches in this booklet and purify your body, and then trust its instincts. You will be very healthy.

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