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"Juices of Nature"
(1st Edition)
Stapled - 12 Pages

"In order to make rapid spiritual process and to attain to greater mental heights, we must learn to
1 – Breathe Right
2 – Drink Right
3 – Eat Right
4 – Exercise Right
5 – Sleep Right
6 – Think Right
7 – Act Right
8 – Live and Love Right, and let go the fruits thereof."
Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind

Physical health is essential for true spirituality. We are intended by the Infinite to derive a pure and true delight from every conscious effort. True living is rhythmically radiating with reality ruling within. The body is the Temple of the Spirit – the ever-living Christ within, who evolves and ever builds better and more efficient vehicles for His own expression through us. We must help build. Humanity wanders wearily afield and afar in search of health and happiness – a panacea for all of its ills and illusions – alas, millions return from that fruitless search, shattered and torn in mind and body, to finally find them at home within themselves.

All animals live to an average of from five to eight times the age of their maturity the time it takes them to attain their growth. Man reaches full growth at 20. 100 to 160 years will be the natural span of his life when he will live naturally and divinely.

Peace, joy, harmony, happiness, certainty, and good will strengthen organic functioning, stimulate the glands, increase metabolism and make for sound health, but where do they come from – without? No. Within! How? Learn from us.

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